Dua to make someone miss you from Quran

The best and powerful Dua to make someone miss you is here. No matter, you are in a relationship or married. You eagerly want your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse to miss you badly. Many people feel that their partners should miss them for love. But many stages of life “Miss You” word are misplaced in many relations. If you want your partner to miss you badly besides love blindly, we have a better dua.

Dua to make someone miss you is one of the best solutions for your problems. So this dua is performed by many people who want their partners to miss them. It is Islamic Dua to make someone miss you. It is just like a prayer. So, I hope you ready to start the dua to make someone miss you. You have to perform this dua with a positive mind.

The ‘dua to make someone miss you’ is the most using dua in the world. Many issues end up with the breakup. But only one reason to stay in the marriage only loves. Sometimes some people never understand that this is life. Problems and issues are also part of our life.

Allah, please help me! I am in a relationship with my boyfriend/girlfriend for the last five years. But now, he/she is starting ignoring me. I feel that he/she is not interested in me. Allah, I know he/she still loves me. I never imagine my life with him/her. I want that, he/she missing me and came back to me. We want to live happily. Please save our relation from the Evil eyes. Allah, we are your child. Your child needs your guidance. I do each step, which you will tell in dua.

Dua for boyfriend to miss me

  • First, you have to take a pen and a paper.
  • Write to both names on paper with a pen.
  • Take a shower and wear clean clothes.
  • You have to do this dua in a clean place.
  • Narrate this dua in the morning time.
  • You can read this dua from 6 am to 9 am.
  • Perform Surah Al-Anfal verse 49 for 159 times.
  • Then recite yalatefu for 1298 times.
  • You have to read this dua for 786 times.
  • After performing this dua, you have to recite your partner name 28 times.
  • Read Darood Sharif Ebrahim after and before doing this dua.
  • You have to do this Dua to make someone miss you for seven days.

The most important thing, you have to perform this dua at alone. Never share this dua to anybody. After doing this dua to make boyfriend miss you, you can see the results within one or two days.

He/she will be missing you. He/she is also starting to talk with you. Every time he/she will be missing you. He/she realized his mistake. He/she will back to your life. Both of you feel the purely positive energy in your life. You live a happy life with your dream partner.

Allah gives you a problem. Allah also provides you with a solution. But you have to do this process, which Allah gives you. If you have jealousy in your heart, then Allah never accepts your “dua to make someone miss you“. They always help to those who have a pure soul. Sometimes many people do dua to get someone else loves. But Allah never accepts his dua. So never think to destroy someone else. So, we hope you all like this beautiful dua for someone miss you.

Dua to make husband miss me

Today we know about the best dua to make husband miss me. If you want to get back your husband again in your life, so this powerful dua will help you to make him come back again in your life.

Suppose you are facing problems in your relationship. Your husband is not talking to you nowadays, not picking your calls and reply to your message. Your love is right for him, but he doesn’t come back again in your life. You want to make your husband miss you.

This powerful dua to make husband miss me, I will help you make love in his heart about you again from this Dua you will easily make him come back again in your life. It will also help you to make your relationship strong and protected from negative energy.

You want to make your husband come back again in your life. You want to get married to him and spend your whole life with your husband. So this dua to make husband miss me helps you make your dream come.

So many peoples have performed this powerful Dua for husband to miss her. These were protected from several things. It’s an Islamic dua to make someone miss you from Quran. You can complete easily at your home.

  1. First make a fresh wuzu and sit in namaz mat.
  2. Perform this dua after reciting your fajar namaz.
  3. Then recite Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim for eleven times.
  4. Recite darood sharif at the begning and ending for ninty nine times.
  5. Then Perform surah An-Nisa and recite his name.
  6. You have to perform your all five times namaz.
  7. Once you perform this powerful dua for husband to miss you for four days.

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