Dua to destroy enemy immediately in one night

Are you looking for the best dua to destroy enemy immediately? In modern times each one of us has an enemy in the world. It never matters how good a person you may be, but several people around you are jealous. They will be jealous of your goodness. If they never find anything wrong with you, then they will be jealous of your peace.

But every enemy has a different level of jealousy. Some people feel jealous of you. There is some disaster level of enemies who are ready to do any harm to you.

These types of enemy you cannot be ignored. If your enemy is harming you, then you should also make attacks on him. If you frustrated by your enemy, then this is a time to take revenge. Dua will help you to take revenge from your enemy. We will provide you the best dua to destroy the enemy immediately.

We will provide you an Islamic Dua. It helps you to take revenge from your enemy. The best dua to destroy enemy immediately will help you get rid of your enemy in very little time. This Dua to destroy enemy will keep you safe. The destruction will fall on your enemy from Allah.

Allah please gave me the strength to take revenge from my enemy. Who always ready to harm us? They spoiled my whole business. Even they also destroy my family. I am never doing anything wrong for anyone. But now this is a high time to hit my enemy with a bang. Allah, you are the only one who helps me with this. Also, my family feels the pain of losing everything. I have felt many times. They also realize my pain, how much I suffered from stupidity. Please, Allah, help me!

Islamic dua to destroy enemy forever from quran

Dua to destroy enemy forever
  • Take a shower and wear washed clothes.
  • Use some fragrance on you.
  • Sit on the Namaz mat.
  • Start doing this dua from the day of Friday.
  • Do this dua after doing your magrib namaz.
  • Narrate Durood Sharif for One hundred times.
  • Then recite Surah Ta-Ha verse 74 for 255 times.
  • Perform Surah An-Nur for 786 times.
  • Then recite Darood sharif for 51 times.
  • Then narrate Surah Ikhlas for Four hundred times.
  • DO this dua continuously for 11 days.

You can perform this Dua to destroy enemy immediately for 21 days. When you are performing this dua, think about your enemy and his destruction while reciting it. Never share this Dua to destroy enemy immediately to anyone. Never take tension. By performing the best dua, you can easily defeat your enemy. Your enemy will be punished by Allah, for all the wrong things that they have done with you.

Allah always helps for those people who never do anything wrong with anyone. But if someone does wrong with Allah’s children, then Allah never forgets him. Allah always punished these types of peoples who do useless things to destroy someone’s work and personal life.

There are so many types of persons some are good for you and some are bad. So recite this dua Allah Allah will punish your enemy this is the best enemy dua that you have to pray to Allah. Dua to destroy the oppressor

Every person does so much hard work and lots of effort to get success in his life. Sometimes they sacrificed a lot to get money and fame. But some foolish people never understand they see his Popularity, Money, and happiness. They feel that how we get everything. 

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