Dua for married couple for a good life

Dua for married couple

Today we talk about the best dua for married couple. Marriage is the only relationship that develops perfect and true love between two people. The people who are from different families are combing one in the union. It cannot be possible that the marriage life remains the same as it was from tying a knot. Several mistakes, problems, and misunderstandings come in the path of a married couple who has tied a knot after many years. Several issues can hamper the marriage life.

Every married couple had many issues in their life—many problems created by their families. Many times, both partners are not loyal to each other. They have some affair with other women/men. So they also stay away from the family. Sometimes small issues became a huge issue. Dua for married couple will help you with good love life.

In old times women are not allowed to do work outside the home. Even they have not educated their daughter. Because they feel if the daughter taught and does work in the office, they will be never managing a house and husband. And at that time, women are not allowed to take stand against their husbands. Suppose their husband do anything wrong with her. The woman never does anything, and they have to compromise with it.

Couples have to understand each other. But many times, men always take stand with their parents. They never stand for her wife. Even they never think that this was her fault or not.

But now, in modern times, women are more educated and successful in their life. So they were adjusted to both office and house chores. Then men also need to support them. But don’t worry, we will provide you dua for married couple.

Quranic dua for married couple in Islam

Allah, we need your blessing for our relation. I’m doing this dua for married couple in front of yours. We both married for two years. We live in a joined family. But we both are working. I manage everything in my office and housework. But my In-laws have so many problems with my work. They always annoy me. If I ignored them, they say to my husband. That I am not listening to what they said. After listening to their parents, he started to do fight with me. I don’t know, Allah, what to do. I always give my 100% to manage everything. But his parents are never happy with me. Please solve my problem.

  • Take a shower and wear washed clothes.
  • Sit on the namaz mat and find a clean place for the dua.
  • Do it immediately after performing the Isha Namaz.
  • Recite Durood Shareef for eleven times.
  • Then you have to recite Surah Hijr Ayat no.47 for 101 times.
  • After this, surah recites this Ayat not less than 777.

You have to perform for 15 days. See the impact of this dua for married couple within 4-5 days. So you have to complete this Dua for lover back again in life with your clear heart. But Once Allah accepts your dua, you see Allah will resolve all your issues. The love between husband and wife increases more and more. He always takes stand for you. Dua for married couple is the best dua for you.

You can feel the new positivity in your married life. So all the evil eyes stay away from you and your marriage. May Allah listen to your “dua for married couple“. All your worries and tensions will be finished. Keep trust in Allah.

Dua for newly married couple

Allah, thank you so much for choosing him as a life partner for me. Please accept my dua for newly married couple. I also like him. Now our marriage happens in seven days. Allah, I need your blessing for our marriage. Please give me some strength and politeness. That I will easily adjust with him. And I also manage with his parents. No issues; they are raised for me. I also make my husband happy with me. I feel so nervous. That I manage with him or not. I need your blessing for my marriage. Please, Allah, always keep your blessing on us.

  • First, take a shower and wear washed clothes.
  • Perform this dua after doing your isha namaz.
  • You should do all the Isha Namaz.
  • Perform yalatefu for 58 times.
  • Do Surah Al rahman for 11 times.
  • You have to perform Durood Sharif for three times at the end.

You have to do this dua for newly married couple only for five days. When you perform this dua, always keep your loved one in your heart. You have to perform this dua for married couple with devotion. When you perform this, dua never think to harm someone. If you think something bad for someone, then Allah never accepts your dua. Allah always helps to those who perform the dua with a pure heart.

Once Allah accepts your “dua for newly married couple“. You can see the impact after marriage. You can see everything that will go properly with you. Everyone was so happy with you. No one has no issue with you. You easily adjust with your husband and his family. Allah gives you spark and strength to manage everything. And everyone will be impressed with your nature and hard work.

Hadith for married couple from Quran

Hadith for married couple-When two people married to each other, they both need a blessing for the new life. They want help from Allah. If Allah blessed them, then both never see any issues and problems in their entire married life. We all take blessings from Allah before starting any work. Then marriage is a very important part of everyone’s life.

Once you can easily adjust with your family, then you can share with your newly married friends who also need it. You also feel the positivity surrounding nearby you. And no one does nothing bad with you and your husband. This dua for married couple impact always remains with your marriage.

May Allah blessed you with lots of power and strength. All the worries will be finished. You live happily with your husband and his family.

Many issues happen with a newly married couple like money/finance issues, Intimacy, Housework; things become annoying, time management, In-laws, many more. Every new couple has to manage all the issues, and they have to adjust to the situations. Mainly girls live in parents’ house before marriage all the environment are different from the In-laws house. So it’s very difficult for the girls to adjust to the new environment and family.

But don’t worry, we have dua for married couple. If both are doing this dua, then everything will be fine in their marriage. They both easily adjust to each other if one wants to perform this dua for the newly married couple, they also do this.

Suppose their family doesn’t like their work and behavior. And it is very tough for everyone to adjust to a new family after marriage. Dua for newly married couple needs a different type of blessing from Allah.

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