Dua for marriage proposal acceptance in english

Dua for marriage proposal

Aslam walekum here you will get the best Dua for marriage proposal. Every person wants to get married to their loved one. Sometimes many relatives send their children proposals. But due to having close relatives’ children’s proposal, your parents can’t say no for the proposal. Because of your parent’s and relatives’ pressure, you cannot say no for the marriage. And finally, you have to marry that person whom you not like.

You want to get a proposal from your lover. But your parents not accept their proposal. Everyone wants to marry their loved ones. No one wants to be married that person, who they are never met, and never talk. When they love someone and marry another, it’s very problematic.

Many times, parents have a vast demand list. Due to parents’ demands, their children’s age will be goes crossed. Once the right age to marriage crossed, they will never get a good marriage proposal. When their age passed, then they have to marry anyone who agrees to marry them. Because of demands and attitudes, they lost many excellent proposals. They have no choice to select a better partner. 

Every person has a problem. So, don’t worry, we will provide you the best dua for marriage proposal. This dua helps you to get the best marriage proposal. And you will get the perfect partner for you. You have to perform this dua with a pure heart. When you complete this dua for a marriage proposal, you have to keep your loved one in your heart, if you have any.

Dua for immediate marriage proposal

Allah, please help me! I love my boyfriend. I want to marry him. His parents sent a marriage proposal for me. But my parents are not agreeing. I do so many things to convince them. But they never understand my point. I will do everything to convince them. What should I do, Allah? Please do some magic that my parents get to agree with him. You are the last hope for me. Allah please accept my dua for marriage proposal.

  • Take a bath and wear washed cloth.
  • Then take a namaz mat and sit on it.
  • Do this dua after doing your Maghrib Namaz.
  • Recite Darood Sharif for 51 times.
  • Perfrom Surah Surah Qasaas last portion of ayat 24 for 456 times.
  • Then recite surah #60 Surah Al-Mumtahina verse #7 for seven times.
  • In the end, do Durood Shareef for Eleven times.

This dua for marriage proposal is very powerful. Many people perform this dua to get the proposal from their loved one, and they get it. And now they are staying live happily after marriage. Once your Dua for lover back again in life accepted by Allah.

You will feel some magical things happen to arrive with you. The entire devil’s energy surrounding you will be destroyed. And you can feel a new spark in your life. You will feel positivity energy inside you.

Once you perform this dua for marriage proposal, but this dua impact will always live with your marriage. You will see no one will be able to do anything wrong with you. Everything will be happening all right with you with Beautiful Dua to get lost love back in English. You have to be trusted on Allah. We all are Allah’s child. They will move out of all our tensions from our life.

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