Dua for husband love back

Dua for husband

So today we talk about the dua for husband love back. Every wife wants to makes her relation strong with her husband. They always want that her husband makes so much love with her. Her husband is everything for her like world, love, faith, soulmate, friend, family, etc.

After marriage, all wives considered her husband everything. She takes care of all needs of her husband. She gives her priority only to her husband. In every religion, we teach our daughter to obey her husband.

Every wife is loyal to her husband. But sometimes many husbands cannot give the same love for their wives. He feels that his wife will never know that he has some other marital affair. But she is your wife if she devoted to you, so you have to be dedicated to her. You don’t need to have done an extramarital affair? And sooner, she will know about your affair relationship. So this dua for husband love back will help you perform this dua same.

Thank you so much, Allah, for giving me such a gentlemen husband. I love him so much. We both are living happily before some time. But before some time, his behavior is changed for me. He never thinks about me. But, I also need some space for myself.

I also want to go outside with him. I also want to spend some quality time with my husband. He always busy with his work, and after work, he was working with his friends. Every weekend he did parties with his friends. What about me, Allah? I also need some love from my husband. Please, Allah, please teach him that her wife is equally important as work and friends. Allah please accept my dua for husband love back.

Dua for husband love back to you from Islamic way

  • When you perform the dua, take ablution and wear clean clothes.
  • While you perform this dua, always keep your husband in your heart.
  • Find a calm place for dua.
  • You can do this dua for husband love back at night.
  • Put two almonds in your mouth after Isha Salal.
  • Make sure that you keep the almonds on your tongue and don’t eat it.
  • At the same time, start reciting Durood for Eleven times continuously.
  • After, you have to read the last lines of ayat number 39 only.
  • Recounts this line hundred times
  • Now take out the almonds from the mouth and do a blow on their surface.
  • Without cleaning, the almonds put them back in your mouth.
  • Start reciting the lines again.
  • You have to repeat this cycle five times.
  • After this, take almonds out from your mouth, clean it, and keep in the paper piece.
  • And keep them in a safe and clean place.
  • After five days, you will see your husband is totally under your control.

Please don’t put this almond in hotdish and never bring it near the fire. Put it in an already cooked dish or cold sweets.

Once your husband eats the almonds, you can see the changes in your husband within an hour. This ‘dua for husband love back‘ is beneficial and powerful. You have to perform this dua with devotion.

May Allah listen to your “dua for husband”. And fill your husband’s heart with love and care and respeact. Read more : Dua to make someone talk to you in English.

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