Dua for husband and wife

If you want to make your relationship stronger, then dua for husband and wife is the best Dua. Mainly this Dua helps to increases love between husband and wife. Dua for husband and wife removes the entire curse from your life.

It will remove all problems which are happening in your personal life. It is the Islamic Dua, which is taken from the Quran Sharif. This Dua is just like another prayer. It helps you to remove the devil eye besides remove the regular fights between husband and wife.

Dua for husband and wife also removes the negative energy from your life. Many couples used this Dua together for better results. Because when the couple performs the Dua together with a pure heart, the result will be happening soon. Process of Dua in simple steps:

Allah, please help us! We need your blessings. A lots of complications in our married life. We have fought daily for small things. Many misunderstandings have been raised in our relationship. But still Allah somewhere we loved each other, and I can’t live without him/her. Allah, I am begging you to please remove all the curse and misunderstanding from our relationship.

Allah, you’re the only one who can help us to make our relationship enjoyable. I know Allah, this was my mistake, but I want to make our marriage a very healthy relationship. Allah, I love him/her so much and can’t imagine my life without him/her. So please accept my dua for husband and wife. I do everything that you had to tell us in Quran Sharif. We don’t want to break our relationship.

Islamic dua for husband and wife problems solution

  • First, you have to make a fresh wuzu.
  • Then, wear clean clothes.
  • Start doing this dua from the day of Monday
  • Read this Dua for 786 times.
  • You have to recite Surah Al-kahfi ayat 46 ٱلْكَهْف for 333 times.
  • Then you have to recite Surah An Nur ٱلنُّور Ayat 35 for 251 times.
  • Do darood Sharif for 101 times in the starting and ending of the dua.
  • You have to perform this Dua for five days.
  • Perform this, Dua, before doing your Fajar Namaz.
  • You have to do all five times Namaz while doing this dua for husband and wife.

If both partners perform the same Dua, then they also do the same steps. Many couples perform together for a better result. And they also get the result as soon as.

You have to do this Dua for only three days. The result of this Dua shows from the first day. This Dua is very helpful for husband and wife to make his relationship secure. Never share this Dua, while you performed it. When your Dua is accepted, then you can share with your family member or your friends. Many couples use this dua for husband and wife to remove the negative energy from his relationship.

Stay positive and waiting for the blessing of Allah. He surely helps you and resolves all the bad happen in your life. All the negative energy and devil eyes stay away from you and your husband. Your bond became more secure and never happened your 

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